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Company Description Stand #
Bamboox Alternative Christmas tree 21
Byoms We sell products for cleaning, washing and deodorizers with probiotics. 23
Bælg Bælg is all about plantbased legume confectionary product. Our (bite) Hapser is well known for being gluten- and lactosefree, low sugar, high fiber and protein bite with an surpricingly great taste and texture. 50
Casheury Casheury is a small vegan creamery based in the south of Sweden. Using traditional cheesemaking techniques and minimal ingredients we produce creamy, aged and mould-ripened cheezes.
Our cheezes are handmade in micro batches, one by one on every step of the production, from the soaking to the mixing, filling in to the moulds, coating with organic herbs and spices, setting them in ripening cells to age and finally the packing.
We are inspired by classic dairy products and our authentic taste and texture is achieved by combining the highest quality organic cashew nuts with traditional techniques and plant-based cultures.
CphFarmHouse We show how Vertical Farming works in reality and why it is an important part of the future’s green sustainable solution for food production and how we work to grow salads, herbs and microgreens in closed climate-controlled rooms. The purpose is to utilize areas that cannot be used for agricultural land for the production of clean, safe and healthy food all year round and at the same time work with sustainable processes and circular thinking and ensure a sustainable economic model. For us, green transition is to that extent about optimizing production and production inputs. 8
Dansk Camelina Danish Camelina is Nordic olive oil, we call it the Nordic gold Superfood known since the Viking Age. Our organic Camelina seeds and Camelina oil are full of good and nutritious ingredients. Mild and fresh taste. Camelina can withstand heating and has a long shelf life. Danish Camelina is now grown locally in West Zealand. Come and taste. Camelina seeds are amazing. They can be eaten directly from the plant and are full of Camelina oil, fiber and protein. Use the seeds on salads, in muesli or bread, smoothies and vegetable dishes. Solid soaps for body and hands, body scrub and hair care. See it all at the stand in Øksnehallen. 68
Dansk Vegetarisk Forening Hear about our work, become a member, buy books, and quiz. 11
DAVA Foods Our plant-based range is created with a local and sustainable focus on utilizing the crops that we can grow with advantage on Danish soil. That’s why all our seeds are organic and grown in Denmark – because it makes sense. We offer everything within hemp – both hulled seeds, roasted seeds and hemp flour and oil – as well as quinoa, linseed and various products based on lentils and peas. And then we make a virtue of developing innovative refined products based on our Danish, organic crops, such as our hummus, which is made from Danish Ingrid peas.


Dyrenes Alliance


Dyrenes juleskrabekalender The Animals Christmas Scratching Calendar is a voluntary association that, through the annual sale of the Animals Christmas Scratching Calendar, raises money for Danish animals in need and the green transition.


Dyrenes Venner Dyrenes Venner is an animal protection organization that works for better animal welfare for all animal groups both in Denmark and internationally. At this year’s fair, we will inform and disseminate our various campaigns, talk about the association, memberships, as well as how you can work voluntarily to improve animal welfare terms.


Glean Glean is a plant based confectionery company. We upcycle aquafaba, which is the water from cooked chickpeas. Aqauafaba is an egg substitute that we use to make flødeboller and other confections. Check out our products on our instagram


Grøn Fokus Grøn Fokus sells a wide selection of organic foods. Grøn Fokus is founded on green idealism – a basic idea that when you produce food organically and with regard to nature, animals, plants and people, the world becomes a fundamental and better place to be and the quality of the food much better.


Grönt Nordic Grönt is ready meals for you who want to live healthily and sustainably – also in a busy everyday life.
Grönt brings tasty plant-based meals to the local supermarkets, so that you as a consumer can easily take home a sustainable, delicious plant-based choice.


HNDL Hndl ApS is a Danish company that has exclusive access to perhaps the world’s best and most versatile blenders. With more than 28 years of experience, we bring the nutritious and tasty plant drink directly into your kitchen. As the only ones in the Nordic countries, we can now offer Joyoung’s fully automatic multiblenders Y1, Y521 come and experience our blenders, and blend your own plant drink at Plant Food Festival.


HØSTET Bornholm HØSTET is Denmark’s first organic sea buckthorn plantation.
To the Plant Food Festival, we are taking taste samples of our marmalade, as well as sea buckthorn slushies and our popular sea buckthorn winter warmer. Come by for a taste test and a talk about sea buckthorn.
Kakaoarbo The most sustainable chocolate factory! Made with love and respect toward our Mother Earth. Kakaoarbo sources its cocoa beans in DIRECT TRADE from 2 small ORGANIC farms (Colombia and Dominican Republic) highly dedicated in preserving their land and the biodiversity. The cocoa beans are sailed by SAILBOAT, using the only power of the wind all the way to Europe. We transform them to HANDCRAFT fine flavor chocolate. Kakaoarbo will be welcoming you at the festival with a selection of ORGANIC VEGAN Pralines, Bars, and more! Enjoy! 32
Kombucha Time Kombucha Time is a pure, organic product without additives, which is produced locally in Denmark. The company was founded in 2017 by Julie Boye-Hansen, with the aim of making kombucha a part of everyday life. At Kombucha Timer, we want our products to be accessible to everyone. Kombucha Time is a natural, refreshing and fermented drink made from sweetened tea, where bacteria and yeast convert the sugar into organic acids and carbonation. The result of this process is a slightly acidic and bubbly drink with different flavours. 3
København Kombucha We create wonderful vinous bubbles with very little alcohol (<1,2%) to be enjoyed at all moments. We believe that festive moments are everyday and everyone should be included. 36
Le Trang Danish Organic Tofu. 27
Lotus Arts Fine organic oils, creamy coconut for spreads and cooking, coconut vinaigrette. Chai tea and Cocoa blends with super taste and vitality. Water supply for drinking and cooking. Drinking water in glass bottles. Seaweed from the Nordfjord in Norway. Body care oils and emergency cream. Education. 60
Luxuslife   38
Ma-Mam Ma-Mam is a tasty organic and plant-based vegetable puree for babies from 4 months, which meets the National Board of Health’s recommendations for both energy density and energy distribution. All varieties are made on a base of potatoes, which satiate well and are full of C vitamins, various vegetables that contribute to a good energy distribution, some fruit to round off the taste and a good Danish rapeseed oil. Nothing else. Ma-Mam is also freeze-dried, which ensures that both vitamins and minerals, as well as taste, texture and fragrance are optimally preserved in each portion. In addition, the freeze-dried vegetable puree has a long shelf life even after opening, which contributes to reducing food waste. Ma-Mam was developed by nutritional specialist in food for babies and toddlers, Kirsten Mikkelsen Ravnbøl. 54
MATR Foods En ny generation af plantemad Smag, hvad der sker, når svampegæring og planter mødes. En ny plantebaseret ingrediens fuld af dyb umami-smag og et saftigt, fast bid. Opskriften er enkel: fem økologiske ingredienser fra danske gårde – havre, flækærter, lupiner, rødbeder og kartofler – forvandles ved at tilsætte naturlige svampesporer for at skabe sund, klimavenlig mad. 51
MayMays MayMays is inspired by Indian cuisine. Our stand offers crunchy chickpea snacks, chai and inspiration for your vegan kitchen. Made with Danish passion and love for India. 42
Mercy Copenhagen Vegan and gluten-free cakes from Mercy Copenhagen – Welcome to a world of food artistry with our range of healthy plant-based, no allergen cakes and caterings designed exclusively for making your taste buds melt with delight! 29
Mill & Mortar We have experienced an intense interest in how you can use bark, seeds, berries, roots, leaves, herbs and flowers in both savory and sweet cuisine – and (not least) in hot and cold drinks… Are you on Plant Food Festival, so stop by our stand and hear our ‘take’ on which spicy food trends are booming out there and which spices from world cuisine are hitting the mark right now. 13
Naturli’ Foods Welcome to NATURLI’ – where we do our best to create a positive change for the earth by making the best plant-based products on the planet. We’re pretty good at it because we’ve been doing it since 1988! 35
NODA not a soda NODA (not a soda) is water with bubbles, 30% real pressed fruit and few calories. It is 100% natural and organic — a completely new category created for better health and well-being. We do not use any of the typical soda ingredients such as refined sugar, sweeteners, additives, artificial color or BPA. NODA got its name because it is different: both recipe, taste and values. Welcome to! 26
NORSAN We are a Norwegian company that specializes exclusively in omega-3. Our products are 100% natural, sustainable and highly dosed, and our vegan omega-3 oil is unique in its dosage and composition. Omega-3 Vegan consists of a unique combination of a vegetable, highly dosed algae oil and a cold-pressed olive oil from controlled organic cultivation as an antioxidant. With a daily dose (5 ml/1 teaspoon) you get 2,000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. With us you can learn more about why omega-3 is so important and how you can easily integrate it into your meals. 60
Nøddebazaren Nøddebarazen sells organic quality nuts and dried fruit. Taste the difference and buy a quarter kilo of their delicious selection. 41
PlanteLys Sale of organic seeds, as well as equipment and lights for the production of Microgreens and sprouts. In addition, fertilizer products, germination trays, grow lights, etc. 6
Plant Mate by Organic Plant Protein Plant Mate is our trademark and our company is called Organic Plant Protein. Plant Mate is 100% organic and completely additive-free. The raw materials are peas and horse beans. At the fair on November 4th and 5th, we will be holding workshops that you can sign up for – and a non-stop demo kitchen where you can stop by and taste and see how easy it is to work with Plant Mate products. 55
Pods of Beans Meet Pods of Beans Karoline and Allan Werner, a family business Together we have created a dream of a cocoa universe. It started with our love for the cocoa bean and producing organic and holistic raw food with nutrition for you. We produce an organic cocoa drink for hot and cold cocoa, chocolate and the delicious raw organic spreadable chocolate. It comes in 4 different flavours: classic chocolate, mint, orange and licorice. We have a cafe in Ny kongens gade 14. For a long time it has been one of our big dreams to create a cocoa universe where people can come and experience cocoa in a new way. 44
Politiken Media partner. 7
Pure Dansk Taste Danish organic legumes from Pure Dansk. All cultivated in close cooperation with Danish farmers distributed throughout the country. Meet Astrid and Malene, who are behind Pure Dansk. Taste Danish beans, peas and lentils in the sweet and savory kitchen. Come home with renewed inspiration and buy the products for your own kitchen. 70
Raw Culture Standen vil være spækket med boblende glæde. Vi brygger omhyggeligt udformet kombucha til alle. Vi lover, at der er en smag til dig. Dansk, økologisk og fyldt med smag. Vi glæder os til at møde dig. 33
REDUCED REDUCED reduces food waste by producing pure, high-quality taste from organic surplus raw materials from the Danish food industry. Sustainability, innovation and quality are the starting point for all our products. 66
REST At REST we locate and implement the food industries sidestreams into new food recipes.
At the stand we will have our 2 crispbreads made from upcycled beet root and carrot pulp from a juice production.
We hope you will swing by for a taste!
Rømer Vegan RØMER VEGAN is a series of organic plant-based products, made from scratch and from the best, fresh ingredients. 53
SimpleGreens We offer VeggieMix to secure tasty and succesfull veggie patties. 48
Snebjørks Plantemad My name is Snebjørk Toft. My great love for food, people and the environment forms the framework for my passion – namely to show you the plant-based kitchen, and help you make really delicious, inspiring and satisfying plant-based food.
I have several important parameters for the recipes I make: Plant-based, Healthy and tasty, Organic ingredients, Simple and straightforward, Colorful, That the food is Instagram-worthy
Tasty Coconut Tasty Coconut supplies freshly harvested organic fruits directly from small farms in Thailand, Uganda, Kenya, Colombia and Spain. We have Scandinavia’s largest selection of tree-ripened organic fruit, all of which are grown naturally with consideration for the local population and biodiversity 28
The Organic Crave Our inspiration is your everyday! We offer natural and simply-composed better-for-you snacking products build to support your everyday. Change happens at every little decision which is why we celebrate the everyday journey. It´s about doing a little better every single day. Our products are simply made to support your everyday by offering you a trust-worthy and convenient snacking option designed for everyday situations to help you on your everyday journey. 37
Tiny gardens Your indoor vegetable garden. Tiny Gardens enables you to grow healthy microgreens in just 7 days without the use of soil or fertilizer. You can choose from different combinations of sprouting trays and 24 types of exciting, organic seeds. The sprouting tray is made of food-approved silicone and has a self-watering system, which makes it easy for everyone to grow microgreens on the windowsill. Instead of soil, Tiny Gardens grows seeds on hemp mats which make cultivation easy and hygienic. 28

Intense flavors such as ‘bacon’, ‘truffle’ and ‘cheese’, which elevate vegan dishes in a split second; that’s the secret behind Frank Lantz’s award-winning series of broths and granules called Uhhmami. A product range that the Danish chef has developed with strong inspiration from classic gourmet cuisine, where the foundation has brought out the taste for decades.
There are eight varieties of Uhhmami, each named after the flavor they evoke: BACON’ish, BEEF’ish, BLUE CHEESE’ish, CHEESE’ish, CHICKEN’ish, OCEAN’ish, TRUFFLE’ish and VEGETABLES. 

Vegan Delights Delicious vegan chocolate bars and pralines. You don’t want to miss our vegan snickers bar; Vegickers and our 2023 Advent Calendar. Vegan, sustainable and socially conscious. All handmade in Sweden. 25
Veganfood Vegan stuffing and vegan dips and dressings. 22 At, we aim to provide our customers with an easy and delicious way to embrace plantbased nutrition. Our protein-rich toppings are made from high-quality, additive-free ingredients, perfect for enhancing meals like salads, vegetables, burgers, and ramen. Our Crispy Lupins are made from sweet lupin beans, a regional and sustainable protein source that also helps improve soil quality. By choosing, you can enjoy wholesome, diverse, and tasty meals while also supporting sustainable agriculture practices. Visit our stand, where we will offer Crispy Lupins as a snack option, so you can taste the crispy and flavourful goodness of lupin beans. 46
Vihreä Härkä Plant protein – for daily use! Easy to use flakes and pasta, not to mention grouts(grits)=dehulled beans. Farmed with regenerative agriculture – preserving Baltic Sea from nutrients and empowering flora and fauna. 34
Æbibo We sell organic fruit and fruit products (most, æbleslåenvin, æblesnacks, geleer, sirup m.m.) from ÆBIBO, a small orchard with 2000 apples and pear trees. 27